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From maintenance plans to shutdowns, we do it all.

All Types of Piping

Structural & Miscellaneous Steel

Site Work, Including Grading, Utilities, Demo, etc.

Tanks – Code Work

Customized Maintenance Programs

Could you benefit from a customized maintenance program? Coastal Group will sit down with plant managers and prepare a thorough analysis of plant operations to determine a schedule for the maintenance of all typical plant components. The initial schedule will be modified to represent actual conditions via consistent feedback from plant supervisors.


Typical maintenance activities we perform include:

  • Changing steam valves
  • Replacing sprockets or gears
  • Replacing motors
  • Replacing piping systems, all varieties
  • Replacing gearboxes
  • Motor realignment
  • Repairing or replacing conveyor belts
  • Replacing pumps
  •  Any structural steel repair and/or expansion

Our maintenance program is based on being able to seamlessly incorporate our activities into the operations of the plant without causing delay or interruption. This diligent approach to maintaining equipment and infrastructure will greatly reduce the normal repairs associated with shutdown work.

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Scheduled Shutdowns

Industrial Construction | Coastal Group | Millwright Services

Do you need a planned shutdown that addresses everything needing repair or replacement on time, regardless of complexity or size? When it is time to schedule a shutdown for millwright activities, piping replacement, and/or structural or miscellaneous steel repair or replacement, our goal is to get it done correctly and safely the first time. Our diligence and experience mean less downtime for you.

Kiln Services


Kiln services we perform include:

  • Annual maintenance & Inspection Services
  • Maintenance Planning Programs
  • Drive train services & replacement components
  • Trunnion, positioner, and thrust roller service & replacement
  • Chains, lifters, and spiral replacement
  • Gear, Flange, and pinion fabrication and installation
  • Guard design and fabrication
  • Leaf seal systems
  • Emergency services
Millwright Services | Coastal Group | Industrial Construction